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Being born from 2007 to present, the ASA products of Hoang Anh cosmetic initially confirmed their place in the Vietnam market.

       Orientation brand:

       - ASA novelty products, unique, better, necessary for the needs of life.

       - ASA preserving and protecting life and the environment.

       - ASA - the products of Vietnam.

         Our Motto:

       - Gadgets for life and your environment.

       - Product quality is the foundation.


      In early 2007  Hoang Anh cosmetic gives birth to  products ASA camphor water, first appeared on the market liquid camphor, helps repel insects flies, cockroaches, ants ... especially safe for human health, handy to spray, allowing the user to open spaces such as kitchen, dining room, bedroom ... help protect habitat effectiveness, safety ... The first step was successful, the users welcome to use.

     In 2008 our company present the products Smart Purge ASA or also called ASA Spray. With new technology works fast dry cleaners (system-alcoholic), evaporates quickly, do not wipe it with water. Help Quickly clean the grease, stain, the  glue on the surface of things ... very handy for office, home appliances, electronics ...

     In the middle of 2009, we was boldly marketed products ASA  bubble bath – Enchanter scent. This product line was specialized supplied in the channel Spa; a slit market only for imported goods so far. With reasonable prices, high quality, especially not cause tear when using, safe for use and for children, serving  needs of consumers Vietnam. 

     In early 2010, Hoang Anh cosmetic has successfully researched and marketed products deodorants ASA with ingredients  active America  S.M.E - the true deodorant. It’s different from the deodorant to hide the smell mechanisms available in the market.  This product effective odor deodorant very high, specializing in organic reducing the unpleasant smell in activities such as sweat, tobacco, mold, seafood ... very handy for home, hotel, office, car, kitchen, toilet, clothes, shoes and socks, helmets ... Especially there is a product without scent suitable for people sensitive to aromas.

     In 2011, our company entered a new research direction for cosmetic products unique and Vietnamese identity.

     In 2012 we launched the ASA Soap with active sulfur and salicylic acid. It will be used to clean the skin fungal, parasitic skin itching, skin flakes horns ... Help to clean bacteria, acne, chrome miscarriage ... on the skin effectively.

     Next is the ASA Bo Ket shampoo with 100%  ingredients make from  Bo ket Ninh Thuan and Man Trau grass - an inheritance and development of capital wealth of knowledge, experience of medicinal folklore.  Astonishingly, the product is not only healthy natural hair care, clean Dandruff ... but some consumers said The ASA Bo Ket Shampoo significantly reduces loss hair and supports hair growth back very effective . (see more in Information and Advice ...)

     In late 2012, through practical market research, Hoang Anh cosmetic launched  ASA  flower arranging water. It helps flowers fresh double the usual time, water does not rot, which saves a lot of time and cost of buying flowers ... The flower shop and especially the religious establishment welcome to use this product.

     The product line of cosmetics companies are registered and circulated at the HCM Health Service Department, and tested at the Pasteur Institute ... To diversify products, our company distributed Folia and Tadico - two high-end products of Tan Dinh Cosmetic- a partner with many years of supplying products for Korean market.


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